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Carry Your World

From Benecia, California, Kiva has been inventing new ideas with a focus on art, function and invention.

KIVA - noun (kee-vuh), a gathering place for community council or spiritual ceremony.

KIVAproducts give you the freedom to embark on new adventures with durable, fun, and functional bags that look great and roll with any style. Our eco-friendly gear is designed and manufactured to hold up to even the most demanding explorer. KIVA’s gear has been a reliable travelling companion for many.

Travel encourages us to discover the world and ourselves. It defines how we think, what we feel, what we taste and who we encounter. At KIVA, we are inspired by travellers - those individuals who cast out into unfamiliar places seeking a sense of renewal and wonder.

The world awaits! Just pack your bags and go ....



Rick Steves

Rick Steves is America's most popular travel authority. As host, writer and producer of the popular public television series Rick Steves Europe, and best selling author of 30 European travel books, he encourages Americans to delve deep into Europe and become "temporary locals." His readers and viewers not only discover major cities, but also cozy villages away from tourist-trampled routes.

KIVA's exclusive Rick Steves line of travel luggage and accessories is designed to be practical, durable and light weight - ideal for the frequent traveller, whether for Europe or cross-country. Each item's " Rick-tested" features work to make every trip smoother and more enjoyable.